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Cool stuff happens when you are a traveling musician...

Photo shoot with Long Beach photographer, Sarah Lim. June, 2016. 'Early in the Morning'. Guest vocalist with the Dave Williams jazz group. Tithing Closet, Long Beach. August 28th, 2016. Spykers Vs Dave duo taking the fight to Carlton North, Melbourne. 2013.

'Stormy Monday'. Guest vocalist with the Dave Williams jazz group. Tithing Closet, Long Beach. August 28th, 2016. Busking on Hollywood Blvd with a handsome traveler.  July, 2015.Dave Williams on trumpet, Scott Heustis on guitar. Tithing Closet, Long Beach. August 28th, 2016. Guest vocalist with the Rick Taub Band at Seven Grand, Downtown LA. July, 2015. While I was busking at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, two Indonesian students asked for an interview for a local TV station. Feb, 2015.

Featured artist for open mic night at Whole Lotta Love bar Melbourne, Australia. November, 2015. Laundry Bar Unplugged sessions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. February, 2016. Photo shoot with Long Beach photographer, Sarah Lim. June, 2016. House show for Dave Gagne's going away. Long Beach, California. 2015.

Busking on Hollywood Blvd, LA. 2015. Parker's Lighthouse, Long Beach. With Yeggi Kaela Watts. August, 2015.Female Benefit Gig at The Gaslamp Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. January 20th, 2015.

I met Chris Seaward at a wine bar gig I was doing on Ocean Blvd, Long Beach. He later invited me as a guest on his radio show, Radiobuzzd. September 15th, 2015. A few days later, with my guitar strapped to my back, we rode on his motorbike through thick LA traffic for me to busk for a little while at Venice Beach. While it was difficult being heard, and I didn't make a dime, we did some people watching. There are always interesting characters out there -- one guy was holding a sign inviting people to kick him in the groin for $10. ‘Showcase Your Love’ at Harvelle’s, Long Beach, CA. March, 2014.

Recording at 3 point studios, Long Beach. July 2015.

The Cellar Cats Jazz Trio, Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo 2012.The Thornbury Local, 2013.

Silliness on the LA metro. June, 2015.Darick J. Simpson happened to be strolling down 2nd St, Belmont Shore when he stopped & asked me if I'd like to be on his community TV show (Padnet TV). Of course I said yes! August, 2015.'Love Me or Leave Me'. Guest vocalist with the Dave Williams jazz group. Tithing Closet, Long Beach. August 28th, 2016.

Busking at Stroll & Savour, Belmont Shore, 2015. Spykers Vs Dave duo nording about in Brunswick East, Melbourne. 2013.

I walked into this little restaurant called Shillelagh's on 4th Street, Long Beach, and asked if I could play their piano during lunch on the weekends for whatever tips I could make. On Father's Day, they were short-staffed, so I went from the entertainment to waiting on tables! June, 2014. Featured artist @ The Bee, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2015.

One of the final gigs at the legendary Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy Melbourne, before they became a fancy pub. 2013. Lighthouse foundation (youth homelessness) charity dinner and first time in a saree! November, 2015. Recording a first demo. Audrey studios, Melbourne. September, 2012.Studio shenanigans in Melbourne. September, 2012.

I was interviewed by Zack Yusif for an episode of 'Strum' (via The Star Online, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). April, 2015. I was part of Folk-Punk gig 'under a bridge downtown', LA. Had 60 people show up. The stage was covered in broken glass. July 31st, 2014.BuzzConf 2015 in rural Ballan. Victoria Australia, 2015.

Semi-regular gig at Bogart's Coffeehouse, Seal Beach, CA. Performing with friend Cade Garrett. 2015. 
First ever time on 94.1FM 3WBC radio playing live to air as well as sharing some of my favourite songs. Melbourne, Australia. Also the same room Gotye ran his show from years before. December 30th, 2013. I appeared again on Dee Why's show on March 29th, 2015. View of KL tower from the Helipad bar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My highest stage ever! February, 2016. Jamming with Natural HiFi at the Red Barrel, Long Beach. September, 2015.

Organising the refugee crisis gig took weeks in the making, but was oh so worth it. Having so many local & talented musicians, performing all kinds of genres, was a treat. We had raffles of local art & music & sang a hilarious rendition of 'We are the World'. The energy in the room was pure love & happiness. Blessed. October 23rd, 2015. The Deans Soul Revue 2012, Northcote Town Hall with The Voice winner Fatai V and Ilana Atkinson!
I was guest vocalist for Iranian rock band, Public Voice, for a few gigs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. December, 2015.

Christmas show 2014, Kluang, Malaysia. A semi-regular gig I had at Sugarcloth clothes store. Modern hippie wear! Torrance, CA 2015. Jamming with drummer John Perri. November, 2015.

Busking on Halloween was most fun! I gave out candy, received candy, & saw some really amazing costumes! October 31st, 2015. Sometimes, I busk for charity. The refugee crisis was something that resonated with me, being a child of a refugee. September, 2015. Picking up my new keys on the red line, LA metro. June, 2015.

Bottom right: Jamming with one of my favourite Long Beach musicians of all time, Michael Vitale (aka The Hawkline Monster). August 24th, 2016. 
I went to Langkawi, a lovely island in Malaysia for a week's holiday on my way to Penang where I had booked some shows. On New Years Eve, I happened to be hanging out at this bar after the fireworks/lantern display when the musical entertainment stumbled in drunk. They were fired on the spot & I was asked to step in. It was a huge success and turned into a jam session that went until 4am and spawned another booking a few nights later! January 3rd, 2015. Barlai open mic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photography by Ian Tai. February, 2016. Open mic at a hipster bar in KL, Malaysia. 2016.

Interview on Patnet.tv with Darick J. Simpson, Long Beach. August, 2015.BBQ entertainment in trendy Kitsilano. Vancouver, Canada. May, 2016. Impromptu performance for Mother's Day somewhere near Kuching, Borneo. I was in the area to get tattooed by an amazing Iban artist I met there the year before. May, 2015.

That's right: a gig up in the sky at the Helipad bar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. February, 2016. The Other Door, North Hollywood, 2015.Tago Mago, Thornbury. November 2013.I like getting friends up to sing with me during my gigs. 2015. Republic of Pie, North Hollywood, 2015. 4th Street Vine, Long Beach, CA. March, 2014.Busking on 2nd Street, Belmont Shore, CA. October, 2015. Long Beach LiFR event. April, 2014.Guest vocalist with the Rick Taub Band at Seven Grand, Downtown LA. July, 2015. Jamming at Whole Lotta Love bar with The Trainwreck Trio. DiPiazzas, Long Beach, CA. March, 2014.
The Deans Soul Revue 2012, Northcote Town HallFundraising for the kids! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Feb 2015. Rebel Bite, Long Beach, California. June, 2015. Lisa Spykers & The Syndicate residency, Provincial Hotel, Fitzroy, 2007.Cornish Arms, Brunswick. Benefit Gig for the School of St Jude in Tanzania, 2007.Linc & Lise, Monsieur Truffe, Brunswick East 2012.